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An Encouragement For You

A member recently reached out to me to ask why have I not posted in so long. If you have been a reader since I started this blog just a little over a year ago, you will know, that I had been going through a journey that has been somewhat difficult. It would be my greatest joy to say that journey has ended, but the truth is, it only kept intensifying since my last post, sometimes, it feels like a never-ending bad dream. There are many times I asked the Lord, why is it that I continue to be assaulted from every angle, but, His response remained the same. Today as I reflected on the member's question, I searched myself to find out the answer, and the truth is, sometimes these 'storms' we go through paralyzes us so much, it steals our joy, and it steals our oil. This is the very plan of the enemy, to paralyze us into deep sorrow and anguish to the point where we give up or lie dormant.

Today, I reflected on my relationship with the Father. I know my relationship with the Father is real because it is has been tested by fire and I still choose Him. I still chose to walk this journey with Him, despite the hurt, disappointment or sorrow I encountered along the way. In reading some of the letters and questions you all send in, I realize many of us are on our very own journey. Some people their journey has been months, and others, their journey has been years. Some are waiting for the fruit of the womb, some are waiting for a change in their health diagnosis, some of our friends from different cultures are suffering great shame because they have not yet married and others are deeply disappointed at unanswered prayers. Everyone's journey is different. I have been in the fire for quite a number of years without reprieve or rest, and over the last two years, this battle intensified to degrees I never thought possible. Even when I lay dormant, walking away from the Father was never an option. A relationship is only as strong as its ability to weather the worst. So, as I communicated with a few persons, I was able to understand their frustration, weaknesses, questions and disappointments. I didn't need to quote scriptures because I understood, that if the Lord gave them a test that feels like fire, He trusts them to finish the race, to get on the other side, to still give Him their yes.

My prayer for the body of Christ is that, when we have done all to stand, stand therefore.....without compromise. I don't know when due season will come, but one thing Im sure of is, it will! The Lord has made me promises on this journey, and I know as the psalmist David said, I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Like you, I have lost so much, but if I am to be honest, I gained some things as well; unshakeable faith, and I have encountered people who the Lord has assigned to my journey to walk with me. These people may be walking a journey just like me, because walking together makes the journey easier to endure. Others, the Lord has used as vessels in the earth just for me, to help restore what I didn't know I had lost in this journey.

This post is to encourage anyone who is battling a stubborn storm, and especially those feeling abandoned and battling alone, you are doing better than you think, because you are still holding on. While praying alone is good, I encourage you to ensure you are a part of a bible teaching church because as vessels in the earth, we sometimes need people to pray alongside us and for us. Align to ministries who teach the truth of God's word and refresh your souls. Most importantly, sit in the presence of God, turn off all distractions, and listen for His still small voice, cry if you must, lay still and wait on Him. Until next time.

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